Ceramic Armor Plates

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IWEAPONS® III/3 Ceramic Plate 10x12inch/25x30cm, Body Armor 2.5KG
A ceramic material formed at high temperature and are composed of the combination of the...
IWEAPONS® IV/4 Ceramic Plate 10x12inch/25x30cm, Body Armor 3KG
This level 4 ceramic armor plate is a much lighter bulletproof plate when compared with...
IWEAPONS® IV/4 Stand-Alone 10x12 Ceramic Plate, Body Armor 3.5KG
These stand-alone bulletproof plates do not require the need of bulletproof vest with ballistic layer...
IWEAPONS® III/3 ESAPI Swimmer Cut Ceramic Plate, Body Armor 2KG
The Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts (ESAPI) cut is very common within the armed forces...
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