About Israeli Weapons Ltd

Israeli Weapons has been the unquestionable leader in weaponry and bulletproof and other military related products for design and manufacturing. Our company standards demand use of the highest-grade materials and components for all military and tactical equipment.

Israeli Weapons quality has remained consistent over the years. The designs, on the other hand, have gone through sea changes; we have remained updated about designs through and through. We have managed to anticipate problems before they arise and develop solutions.

Working with Israeli military and police allow us to test our ideas and our products. Combining efforts with Special Forces throughout the world and the research and development department of Israeli Weapons, to find solutions that are sound and practical.

Israeli Weapons has successfully remained ahead of our competitors for years. Being a major supplier of defense products is no small thing.

Israeli Weapons is a leader in the tactical defense utilization and production. We supplied the military and police for many years, always keeping their needs in mind, while anticipating their future requirements. The advances are phenomenal and could only be achieved with strict standards of operation and quality assurance in place.

Field-testing each product is a major element in maintaining superior results.

Each and every product is brand new and are all tested in the field. Add to that, the products are shipped with a tracking number for your convenience and include free international shipping.

Quality is What it’s All About

Exceeding industry standards in testing and engineering, we work closely with the Israeli military and other police agencies--- including SWAT teams. Every product is field tested by the best tactical units in the world and under extreme conditions. These standards of quality control have proven to be successful and the products are unyielding.

After many years of experiments, we have created a selection of products that we export worldwide

This type of attention to detail has kept Israeli Weapons the frontrunner in weaponry. New strategies of warfare require a constant evolution of equipment. We determined to always be prepared, have a massive selection of products to answer present and future challenges.

We Test Our Products

Israeli Weapons remain as the undisputed leader in the development of weapons related and bulletproof products. We have been supplying military products to the Israeli defense force for decades and are known to consistently exceed expectations.

Are you aware of the Israeli Weapons policy to test each weapon in the field, physically with the SWAT teams, the police or the military? It makes you wonder where the other manufacturers test their products.

As a preface, it should be said that it is nearly impossible to compare Israeli Weapons with other manufacturers. For instance, other manufacturers do not have the years of experience in either conflicts or research and development.

We try to test our products under actual combat conditions. We all know that reality is far different from a computer program. Things occur unexpectedly in reality and that is a learning curve Israeli Weapons take advantage of.

Did you know that the materials and components used by Israeli Weapons have to supersede industry standards for use in our products?

It appears from the research results that most companies barely meet those standards.

Defense-Products.com Sales Platform

Welcome Defense-Products.com Sales Platform, This platform was developed for our wholesale customers on Defense-Products.com, but with time we also applied same platform for our retail customers as well on Store.Israeli-Weapons.com.

Video about defense-products.com sales platform same platform used on store.israeli-weapons.com

Defense-Products.com used by Israeli Weapons as a platform to allow dealers to make orders online. All our products are combat proven, made in Israel and are ready for export.

We offer: Bulletproof products, Gun Accessories, Polymer Holsters and Magazine Pouches, Magazine Loaders and even Combat Field gear like vests, rifle slings, bags, clothes and other products that used by the Israeli army. We also offer products made in Israel under the IWEAPONS trade mark.

Israeli Weapons developed and launched this website especially for dealers like you, that is why we highly recommend you to visit our help center Israelisupport.com, and read our user guides and watch our tutorial videos.

Because this website was specially designed for dealers, we added a lot of special features as favorite multi lists for products, so dealers could organize and keep their products in interest as simple as possible, re-order them quickly, and even share them with others.

We even have special sections on all our categories for galleries and online catalogs to keep this website as organized as we can to make it simple as possible for dealers. You can find these sections on special sliders in every category, sub category, sub-sub category and even on every product page.

We also offer option to compare products so you could compare product among themselves to make it easier for you to order what you need.

All our online catalog do not have prices on them, and they have a special share button to link or html code, so you can put them on your website, and they will be auto updated each time we update our catalogs.

All our products are combat proven and developed with Israeli army experience, and ready for export. For more information please visit Israeli Weapons Support Center, Israelisupport.com.