IWEAPONS® Foam Carry Bag for Ballistic Helmet

IWEAPONS® Foam Carry Bag for Ballistic Helmet


Just as you require proper protection when you’re out in the field, your equipment needs secure storage solutions between trips....

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Just as you require proper protection when you’re out in the field, your equipment needs secure storage solutions between trips. This carrying bag is the perfect fit for your ballistic/bulletproof helmet. It features a protective foam layer to keep your armor safe and secure in both long and short-term storage situations. Use it when transporting your helmet to and from missions or when you need to store your equipment for an extended period of time. The convenient carrying handle makes it easy to grab-and-go whether you’re heading out for a new day or heading in after a successful mission.

Sturdy Materials for Long-lasting Protection

Made of high-quality materials, this carrying bag is guaranteed to keep your helmet clean and well-protected when it’s not in use. In addition to its generous interior padding, the bag features durable, two-way zippers for ease of use. It measures 30 cm (w) x 25 cm (d) x 20 cm (h) to store most standard-sized helmets.

Whether you are in the military, police force or a hunter going on the prowl, this ballistic helmet storage bag is a great addition to your body armor gear. No need to worry about leaving your bulletproof ballistic helmet behind simply put it in the storage bag and swing it over your shoulder.

Special Foam Layer

This bag has special foam layer to protect the helmet from damage, this bag used in storage and on the move. This bag will fit most styles and sizes of bulletproof/ballistic helmets. Made of durable material as thick foam layer, and strong zipper with durable handle, this allows you to travel with your helmet in style. This bag also great for storage and securing your helmet, as this will keep it from rolling off the shelf or being kicked around as this bag will maintain its shape making sure it will stay in one place. Helmet components and accessories can be stored safely together with your helmet and be ready for field or endure a combat situation. Unique shape of the bag allows it to be placed above other gear and under without rolling out and fall or collapse.

Easily Identify Your Gear

While you’re unlikely to have several bags in your closet, there are sure to be plenty around when you meet up with your teammates. To ensure that you can keep track of your gear, this bag features an exterior Velcro strip so that you may attach to it patches, insignias or any other identifying logos. If you need to make a change, simply tear off the old patch and slap on the new one. This bag is also equipped with a plastic pouch for an ID card or name tag.

This black case includes a Velcro area to place your patch on it, and special pocket where you can put your identification id or document with your name. With special foam layer and label identification pocket made of durable plastic for easy identification this is a great bag for storage in a combat area.


  • Foam layer for protection and keeping shape
  • Exterior Velcro strip for patches or identification
  • Plastic pocket for ID cards, name tags and more
  • Black carrying bag with handle and two-way zippers