IWEAPONS® IDF 2-Point 669 Rifle Sling Black Gun Sling

IWEAPONS® IDF 2-Point 669 Rifle Sling Black Gun Sling


The IWEAPONS® Ranger rifle sling is a versatile and durable accessory that makes carrying long guns a little less awkward....

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The IWEAPONS® Ranger rifle sling is a versatile and durable accessory that makes carrying long guns a little less awkward. If you don’t already own a tactical sling, you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re appropriate for use in a variety of settings, from deep in the forest to out at the shooting range.

While the obvious use of a 2-point sling is to free up your hands for other things, such as using a map, digging through a backpack or stopping for a swig of water, it will also ensure that your rifle is always at the ready.

Quality Materials Make a Quality Product

Constructed of high-quality materials, this two point sling not only looks great, it functions beautifully. You’ll never have to worry about your rifle slipping or moving around while you’re foraging in the woods. Equipped with metal hooks on both sides, it’s also easily detachable so that you can use it with other weapons or put it aside when you’re ready to bunker down and find some prey.

The Ranger sling features a small pouch that seals shut with Velcro. Use this handy compartment to store ear plugs, batteries or any other small items you’d like to keep within reach. Fully adjustable with extension clip, this rifle sling can be lengthened or shortened for a perfect fit.

Make it longer if you like to carry your rifle behind your back; shorten it if you’d rather keep your firearm closer to your side. The easy adjustment of the Ranger sling means that you can purchase it and effortlessly move it between your favorite rifles. Of course, you’ll love this tactical sling so much that you’ll probably want to buy one for each of your firearms and maybe a couple of spares.

Versatile and Sturdy

The Ranger strap comes with an extended clip in case the sling needs to be adjusted on the go. It has a Velcro sealed pouch that can be used to store ear buds, ear plugs or extra batteries. This adjustable rifle sling is made from a non-slip type of material which makes it to grip better to stay in place when not in use as well as easier to hold when ready to aim. The fabric is strong and durable which makes it dependable. Made from a special material that helps to prevent it from rubbing or chafing the skin. This Ranger sling has two metal hooks on both sides. It has the ability to adjust the straps to make for a snug but comfortable fit.

Ranger 2-point rifle sling is great for hunting, firing range, hiking and for combat situations. It can also be paired with several other products making it versatile enough to be used for anything. Whether you are a hunter or a member of the military this adjustable gun sling is just the accessory you need to ensure you keep your weapon safe and in place.


  • Made of strong durable material
  • Metal hooks on both sides
  • Handy pouch for small belongings
  • Nonslip material for ease of use
  • Fully adjustable with extension clip