IWEAPONS® IDF 2-Point Black Rifle Sling Infantry Gun Sling

IWEAPONS® IDF 2-Point Black Rifle Sling Infantry Gun Sling


Our IDF 2-point standard rifle sling was developed with Israeli Army experience and it is official sling of the IDF...

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Our IDF 2-point standard rifle sling was developed with Israeli Army experience and it is official sling of the IDF (Zahal). It allows you to be able to adjust the length of the strap to a comfortable position of your choice in order to facilitate easy and fast transitions from your strong side to your support side and vice-versa. This sling also has strong metal hooks which are used for attaching the sling to your gun.

It is important that your tactical slings are strong and reliable, and this IDF two point sling is extremely durable as it is simple. It's made from the strongest nylon and lightweight metal for the hooks, this sling is one of the lightest, but strongest slings ever made, and it is in use with IDF.

This tactical sling is very adjustable. You simply pull down the tab to make the sling smaller, or easily pull to release the tension on the sling to make it bigger.

The IDF two point gun sling comes in black and green and gives you greater flexibility in tactical situations while providing stability for shooting when you need it. You do not have to take the sling off as you can adjust it anytime, anywhere.

One of the oldest and most familiar designs, this adjustable two-point sling comprises of two metal connection hooks that are used to attach to the front and back of the gun. This attachment means you can carry your weapon on your back, around your neck or even over your shoulder. Because of the high quality design, this sling can also be used as a shooting aid.


    • Specially designed metal hooks for extra security
    • Fully adjustable to be used with and without combat gear as bullet proof vest
    • Made from high quality materials for durability
    • Available colors: green and black

    Israeli Weapons 2-Point Rifle Slings

    Realizing the need for high quality 2-point rifle slings for IDF soldiers, Israeli Weapons has remained committed to design and produce equipment to the highest standards throughout the last decades. We did not cut corners on quality while remaining focused on producing durable products.

    While the troops of IDF remain as our primary target market, our 2-point rifle slings often used by police and swat teams throughout the world. The reputation has led many hunters and marksmen who choose Israeli Weapons as their primary choice for gear. This two point adjustable rifle sling is one of those products that are known for quality and durability.

    Heavy Weapons

    If you are carrying a rifle from the house to the car and to the shooting range, or the soldier’s barracks to the APC the weight may become a problem. However, when you put it over your shoulder or back and walk a few miles in tough terrain, that burden becomes clear. The longer you carry it the more it seems to weigh.

    The average weight of tactical rifles can be heavy even without all of the accessories, especially if you have to hold it in your hands all the time. For civilian usage our slings can be used with hunting rifles and crossbows, depending on style and accessories. To help you with dealing with your weapon’s weight it is easy with the use of our 2-point rifle sling.

    Who Uses Rifle 2-Point Slings and Why?

    Once you experience the freedom our 2-point sling provides you won’t want to use anything else. Whether you are on a swat team, riot police or in the infantry using our sling offers you advantages that can be matched by none.

    Skeet and trap shooters, cross bowers and hunters all use our 2-point slings to improve their aim, providing a fillip to their endurance. Transporting a rifle on your back or shoulder disperses the weight, making long hikes less tedious.

    Some Addition Features of Our Slings Include:

    • Front and rear attachments
    • High grade materials
    • Flexible and adjustable
    • Improving aim