IWEAPONS® level 1 (24 Joules) 10x12inch/25x30cm Anti-Stab Proof Panel 0.5KG

IWEAPONS® level 1 (24 Joules) 10x12inch/25x30cm Anti-Stab Proof Panel 0.5KG


When you need the stab proof protection, you need the IWEAPONS® Anti-Stab (Stab-Resistance) Panel for Bulletproof Vest (10×12 Inch /...

When you need the stab proof protection, you need the IWEAPONS® Anti-Stab (Stab-Resistance) Panel for Bulletproof Vest (10×12 Inch / 25×30 cm). This panel is intended to be used in your bulletproof vest to add an extra layer of protection against stabbing, slashing or punctures. The anti-knife protection panel can be added to the front and the back of a bulletproof vest. This panel is lightweight, yet extremely durable. In fact, it slips right into the pocket of your bulletproof vest and is easily concealed, leaving no bulky or bumpy look.

On the streets, this is a necessity as you never know when someone could sneak up behind you and stab you. This can be your last line of defense. This anti-stab (stab-proof) panel is perfect not only for the battlefield, but any dangerous job where you could come in close contact with dangerous or sharp edges. You can rest assured that all of your vital organs are protected, including regions such as your chest, abdomen, back, etc.

It’s simple and easy to get full protection. All you need to do is place the panel in a pocket of your bullet proof vest and you are fully protected as long as you wear the garment. In addition, this panel can be utilized in any dangerous situation which may warrant close contact with sharp knives or edges. For example, this panel would be useful in hand-to-hand combat in armed service type situations, officers out patrolling the dangerous streets, prison guards who are in charge over watching dangerous criminals. The anti-stab panel is also useful for those who are security guards, bouncers and bodyguards who need a little extra insurance.

This stab resistant panel measures 10×12 inches and 25x30cm with a protection rating of 1, meaning it can withstand 24 joules of pressure. This is an Israeli Weapons product so you can be assured that your product stands for quality, durability and reliability.

Anti-Stab Panel for Unlimited Uses

This anti-stab panel can be used with bulletproof vest to provide stab (anti-knife) protection, this panel size is 10×12 inch / 25×30 cm. This is a single panel that can be added to the bulletproof vest for stab protection on front and back. This stab-proof panel can withstand approximately 24 joules of pressure from a stab or puncture. This panel is the perfect fit for people with jobs where the main threat is being stabbed, as a security guard, policeman and prison guard.

This panel is a great extension to your bulletproof vest. Whether you are working in the prison as a guard, walking the street as a police officer or doing security for a private job, this anti-knife panel is a great add-on to your body armor gear. The panel is lightweight and slips right into the pocket on the bulletproof vest. You can wear the bulletproof vest with anti-stab panel, and because of its lightweight and slim design it is easily concealed under your shirt. This anti-stab panel is a must for any job that requires that little extra protection, get that secure feeling when you add this panel to your bulletproof vest.

When gearing up for combat, you may need to consider that you could be in close quarters and engaged in a hand-to-hand battle. Hand-to-hand combat can become quite dangerous if your opponent or enemy equipped with a sharp object as a knife. Protecting vital organs are a must and you need a knife-proof protection panel to do just that. A knife-proof protection panel keeps sharp edges away and protects your chest, back, and abdominal regions from slashes and gashes. An anti-stab, anti-slush and anti-spike protection panel can be used in several variations of vests and body armor pieces.

You do need a pocket size of 10×12 inch / 25×30 cm in your vest so you could insert this panel in your vest. This protective panel can be used with an outer vest and with concealed vest especially if you want it to be concealable. These knife resistant, stab resistant, slush resistance and spike resistance panels work well for undergarment body armor, bulletproof jackets and simple bulletproof vests. Some undercover bulletproof vests will have extra compartments for adding a knife-proof protective panel. Each vest or piece of body armor will specify what types of extra panels can be used.


  • Can withstand up to 24 joules in pressure
  • Can be added to front and back pockets of the vest (10×12 inch / 25×30 cm)
  • Concealed and Lightweight anti-stab panel weighs only 0.5kg
  • Horizontal somewhat flexible to provide comfort

This anti-stab panel can be used in a variety of situations or professions:

  • Police officers
  • Security guards
  • Prison guards
  • Bouncers
  • Soldiers
  • Body guards